Something to make you chuckle and wonder wtf?

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Be careful out there , these ■■■■■ actually have licences

Or do they ■■?

I see your idiots and raise you a SuperVan

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I see your idiots and raise you a SuperVan

To be fair pilots say any landing you can walk away from is a good one.That’s even with wings let alone without any. :laughing:

Ahh yes… “The Sphincter Driver”.

Always right up your arse, being a pain-in-the arse to you, acting like an arse in front of camera for everyone else.

To be found anywhere there are not fixed roadside cameras, suggesting that the culprits live locally, or at least traverse that particular road every damned day.

In London, one has to be over 100 yards off the main roads (where the fixed cameras are) before this kind of behaviour is routinely recorded on dashcams, suggesting that wall-to-wall fixed cameras actually achieve a positive effect on people’s driving on those main roads… Opening Blackwall tunnel scene - is shocking imo!
…Some more up-to-date footage from around the country…

(Warning - contains anglo saxon expletives/references to personal masturbatory activity)

The fancy silver-pink 4x4 seen @ 8.00m in - I was wondering if that was the “Model” Jordan’s motor, she’s always getting driving citations for… But alas, I believe the roads there are Cleethorpes rather than her own Brighton locale, so I guess there must be other drivers of “pink range rovers” about the country - eh?