Some (work) pictures

Here’s some pictures of different trucks I’ve driven this summer at the time which is supposed to be summer holidays from university in which I study. I guess this hasn’t exactly been what most would think about to be “proper” holidays activity, but I have enjoyed it :sunglasses:

Altought I don’t like these, I had to drive too much with these. I almost learned to steer much enough to reverse these properly :open_mouth: :blush: :laughing:

Here I’m waiting for a load while FLT drivers are having a break. Still quite clean looking Globe XL, but I’m not sure how much it was driven. Odometer said about 950 000 km, but interior looks like it could be near two million km.

Load succesfully tipped, I’m dirty and sweating and time isn’t yet even 8.30 at the morning. I could have had a little better start for the day :frowning:

I did also some container work. This was third container I carried so I probably can now call myself as a really professional container driver :question: :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue:

This is what I like, truck with a long enough wheelbase giving comfortable ride. Only downside is that this job isn’t most lightest as one have to collect load up to 20 tonnes from various farms with a tail lift.

Here I’m unloading same type of load at packaging facility.

Really rare sight to see this truck backed to a proper loading ramp, and what’s most exceptional this happens in a proper freight terminal. I had full trailer of empty pallets which were returned to here.

From Russia, with love: little bit of a smoke. I heard in news that there were about 250 simultaneous forest fires near Finnish-Russian-border, and wind carried smoke all the way to the west coast of Finland. This picture is taken something about 100 to 150 km west from the border.

What about tramping in this brand new “Topline” with loads of room to spent 5 hour daily rest, and you also have much of space to carry vodka for “private use” while waiting crossing at Finnish-Russian-border. This kind of trucks were really common sight, but nowdays these are rapidly becaming rare sights as Russia has severely restricted import of used trucks.

Thanks some nice photos, any more hidden
away, because we do like to see the good
selection that you all ways post.

As usual, some nice, interesting photos :smiley:

Good pics but you’ve got it back-to-front with regard to reversing!! The artics are the easy ones; it’s the ‘dolly axle’ trailers that are difficult!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :laughing: :laughing:

Well, for most of us anyway!

Good pics. The young Swiss drivers could only reverse the wagon & drags.

Great pics. As you know, I’m always fascinated by what happens at “the other end”. :wink:

Any chance of some more Containerships pics if you see any of them? Sad, I know…but as I said, “the other end” intrigues me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great pics again Krybo thanks and regards derek

brit pete: You can be sure that there are some photos hidden away, but I can’t guarantee those are good :wink:

Lucy: I have couple Containerships pictures lying around somewhere. I’ll try to post them sometime before… err… before christmas? :unamused: :laughing:

Oh, I almost forgot to tell about a chat I had with one Containerships driver and he told me they are paid by hour here in Finland :wink: (but he also told that they have much of subbies who do big part of the work).

Great pics and read again Kyrbo :smiley:

Good read and pics as usual :wink: thanks Kyrbo :smiley: :smiley:

Love your pictures, interesting vehicles.

Always interesting pictures Kyrbo, and some nice funny comments!!