SOLVED wide and/or long load regs

Can anyone point me in the right direction for info on wide and/or long load regs? As in what marker boards and lights are required and at what widths.
Possibly something similar to the Safety of Loads on Vehicles PDF from another post.

what width is the load you will be carrying as this will determine whether you need a second man or have to apply to the local constabularly :unamused: or has your company got dispensations to move

Cheers aerostar, its more a printout or a handbook I’m looking for. I have a fairly good working knowledge of the regs but need something official to give to the new fleet manager. I’ve had a couple of “differences of opinion” since he started and wanted to leave them on his desk to read through. :wink: It could save him from a clip round the lug from one of our senior drivers :smiling_imp:

the fta do a very good transport law book which has all the relevant stgo regs in and all the info you will need for your uneducated muppet of a fleet manager so if he sees it in black and white he just might believe it

Show him in the Croner Guide.

Every Transport and H&S Regulation, International Transport with contact names and future legislation. updated monthly, also on CD and floppy updates.

David Lowe books are excellent too. try Amazon

Thanks lads. I’ve printed the relevant ones out and left them on his desk together with the URL’s for him to look at. Should be fun tomorrow morning :smiling_imp: