Any goods or bads,at Solstor, for subbing,on European work? Regards,

I don’t. They’re probly alright for one way work in to the uk from the continent but I doubt the traction is much more than your average peanuts, but if that’s all you’re after then they seem solid enough so you’ll get your money, eventually!

As much as I hated,we living in 2013,it’s never been so much peanuts,on market! Well,bills need to be payed, I don’t know,what’s best

Look into it earlier this year, £1.30 a mile, Channel crossings paid and £225 pw trailer rental if you don’t have your own fridge. I think they pay weekly after the first month. Truck need to be LEZ compliant.
We were looking for something to do with the trucks out of season, but those figures just arent worth it for us, so didn’t do anything more about it.

An important factor is what work,they’ve got. Rounds trips, or going empty on a continent, the fuel per mileage!

I think if you are pulling their trailers, then its round trips and probably the same if you have your own unit and trailer dedicated to thier work.

This is a copy of the email I got from Sarah Gourand at Solstor

.In the meantime see below some information about co-operation with Solstor.

We are a UK based Fridge operator based just outside of London. We have work all year round between Benelux, western German, northern France and the UK and are looking for hauliers to place their trucks on with us on a full time basis. We are very financially secure being part of a big group of companies (AG Thames Holdings) and have very large Blue chip customers that are busy all of the year.
Mostly there is one loading and one delivery place. There is no pallet exchange.
At this moment we can offer rates: £1.30/per mile for routes to Western Germany, Northern France, Belgium and Holland. We pay all mileage, empty and loaded. We are paying for ferry crossings.
Trailer rental is £225 per week and after 21 days we pay weekly.
After 1 month work with Solstor, you can be entitled to get the diesel card with us.

We only take trucks able to come into London Low Emission Zone.

I don’t think that rate has changed in the past 10 years. :laughing:

I saw one of their trailers abandoned in a layby recently which I thought was odd.

Well,I think,the traction days,are really on a countdown,cause you are last on a chain,who get “cut”,and you cannot passed that “cut” to anyone!!