So who didn't put 50p in the meter?

So what crashed TNUK, did too many Stobarts drivers log in at once? :laughing:

Thought we were going to have to add TNUK to the ever growing celebrity snuffed it list for 2016. [emoji853]

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Yeh I missed the site while it was down and then it suddenly dawned on me that I’m on it too bloody often. :blush:

So it wasn’t just me then ! :smiley:

So it wasn’t just me then ! :smiley:

No mate, unfortunately it was a board-wide issue affecting everybody.

As the saying goes… (for those who can remember) … there’s no need to adjust your set.

Since it’s really a feedback thing, it’s already being discussed here:

Site was not working - FEEDBACK FORUM - Let Us Know! (INTERACTIVE) - Trucknet UK

I’m locking this topic, but only for the reason of keeping the discussion all together and in the right place. :smiley: