So what do you all think

I was just thinking after reading some post that I would find
it very useful if there was a forum especially for trucks where
drivers could ask questions and post tips on the vehicles they
have driven as I was reading a post by Krankee where he
discovered that you can use the Night Heater controls to switch
the radio back on in the scanias. I know this sort of stuff could be
posted in other forums but I think it would be better in a forum of its
own so you could easily go there and find tips on trucks and the
trailers like where things are and how to find them as someone
was asking how to raise A TAG axle not that long ago.

So what do you all think :question: .

I for one think that they is enough forums!

Too many and they is a danger that the Professional drivers forum will become pointless.

Just my opinion!

I also agree that there are too many forums.

However, I also agree that there is scope for a ‘Spanners’ type section.

In the meantime, perhaps we should be using the “Useful Links” forum to refer back to items that have proved particularly helpful.

In the meantime, perhaps we should be using the “Useful Links” forum to refer back to items that have proved particularly helpful.

Perhaps the FAQ forum would be more appropriate :question: :question: :bulb: :bulb: :wink:

I would go with Rikki’s suggestion, logical place would be the FAQ forum, as for too many, no! I think its about right.

There is only one problem with the forums in the drivers
tool box section and that is you can not reply. Looking
at this forum the Professional drivers forum is very
popular and posts go on to page 2 very quickly after only
being posted about 3 days earlyer maybe this is a busy
time but as I am a farely new member and was not a
member this time last year I can not say.

I was looking back through the Professional drivers forum and
I seen about 3 - 4 post on renault premiums where if you had a
section say in the drivers tool box section called ‘Spanners’
or something someone called post renault premiums, mercedes
actros ect and others could reply to that one post.

Here is a few links off a couple of pages from the Professional
drivers forum on truck reviews and some machinacal faults and
other things and would not effect the Professional drivers forum
in my opinion.Also maybe truck manufactures could look at this
forum and see what the drivers feedback is for there vehicles
when out doing work ect.

(off page 1)
(page 2)
(page 3)
(page 5)
(page 6)

:slight_smile: I also think that another forum would not be needed.

We have a very useful tool on here called the SEARCH facility, which unfortunately very few people seem to use !!
I suppose it’s far easier to just come on and start a thread : "Does anyone know about /have any tips /know where I can find "etc. -even if that subject was discussed only a few days earlier.
I have often (gently :wink: ) in the recent past, tried to direct people to the search button instead of typing out the same…flipping :sunglasses: … info. from previous threads that usually more than adequately answers their query. Sometimes, (if I’m feeling like it ) I’ll even search for the link code myself and put it up just for the hell of it !!
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: