Snooper tv quality?

Hi all, just wondered if anyone’s got a snooper s8000, 8500? Apparently they have built in tv, just wondered about the reception quality. Obviously certain areas get better signal than others. And they’re not bad navigation-wise either,



I have the S 8000, the tv reception is hit or miss depending where you are parked.
I move the aerial around then keep retuning until you get a picture.
You can enter up to 16 multidrops, pair up a mobile phone to speak hands free in to the sat nav.
The live incident warning is handy to avoid delays and road closures.

Cheers Toby

Some things that are annoying are , if going to London before the time the truck ban ends on certain streets that have timed restrictions, the Snooper refuses to work, to get around this, turn it off, then on again and enter CAR mode, as you get close and the ban is over, switch to truck mode to avoid low bridges and weight limits.
On the multiple drop function, it gets confused when leaving one drop to the next one.It redirects you back to the last drop.
The volume is not loud enough if the cab windows are down or in heavy traffic.

We’ve got two 8500 Snooper Prosound models at home, as prev said if in a bad area it can be hit and miss but when you have a decent signal it’s as good as watching on a tablet etc.

We both love ours :smiley:

Hi great advice thanks, I was thinking of getting the newest tomtom or garmin. But it sounds like it’s gonna be a snooper! With the built in tv a bonus, will be handy in the car as well, waiting for the missus while she’s in a shop or something, hehe :laughing: