Snooper S8000

Hi all, Just got my Snooper S8000 in the post. I’ve got it running sorted out settings and now discovered that there is no sound. I can hear if I plug headphones in but nothing when they are pulled out. Checked all volume settings and ensured mute isn’t on, but still no joy. Not happy :imp:
Anyone got any ideas. I am going to contact Snooper anyway. I just hope it’s a quick fix and not have to send it back in the post.

Maybe too late now , but turn the tv on and make sure thats not muted.

cracking sat nav and more , and superb in europe too …hope u get it sorted

my 8500 pro sound gets its sound through the truck radio , press on /off button at top right hand corner , go to settings / sound then tune your radio to the coraspponding ,…(( my spellings crap the now at 2-33am ))… :smiley: … set mines at 80.50 … hope this helps bud … 1%20EN.pdf