SMS agency

I’m looking at signing with SMS agency as the current job is not working out to well (money. lack of)

Has anyone had any dealings with them or know what they are like (My local office is Plymouth)

I was badly burned with Driver Hire at Christmas and don’t want the same to happen again


i have just left them and i will never go back there. i dont rate driver hire too highly either but at least they know something about the industry.
sms will screw you any way they can

I think most of the agencies are reasonable, but only if you are doing what they want, when they want & with not to many questions asked or too much insistance upon driving a 100% legally.
Some agencies have achived the impossible they have got lower than a snakes zb’s.I’m sure they only give you a tacho test so that they pass the blame totally onto you when you do what they want.
You must have worked for a better bunch than Driver Hire have at Norwich Scanny I wont ever work for them again.

maybe daxi. driver hire were a lot better than sms though. best connection have won my loyalty now. good pay and decent work :smiley:

Blue Arrow in Manchester are not too bad too. I wonderd how Blue Arrow could offer me work at DTS logistics at £8.50 p/h but then few months later i registerd with ABC agency and they phoned me up with 2 days work with same company at only £6.00 p/h :confused:

Don’t know about elswhere but SMS in the south east, Worthing and Crawley are ■■■■ - (same franchise) They’re just jobsworths who get a get a kick out of messing guys around as does Driver Hire.

I use Best Connection - they’re excellent, always have work and no probs so far. Manpower is the other option.

Try Driveline at St. Austell, they wern’t bad as agencys go, I should know worked for most of them over the last 30 years, they’re all full of it! Only believe 30% of what they say!?