Small American maufacturers: Brockway

I doubt many people in Britain have ever seen some of the less common regional manufacturers of the past from the US, so I’m going to post a few of the more significant ones. Today, I’m going to cover Brockway, a manufacturer of trucks in the northeat US, mostly for the use by municipalities and by gravel haulers. In the later years, Brockway was owned by Mack, and you can see similarities to the R-series cab because it is the same piece of sheetmetal. Even today, some 30 years after the last Brockay was made, you still see Brockway dumptrucks and snowplows all over the northeast US.

A firetruck vintage 1970

An older single-axle tractor, maybe late 50’s

Early 40’s, ex-army tractor, being used by a rigging company.

A Brockway 761 pulling a Michigan 8-axle asphalt trailer

A model 260 from 1961

A 700 model, the last Brockways to be made

They also made busses, including electric trolley-busses back in the 1920’s, but I could not find any pictures.

Brockways were no-nonsense work trucks, built to order. Most were quite heavy-duty, which is why so many still exist today. Few were made for over-the-road usage, though. The last Brockway was built in 1977.

Excellant stuff!! You can see they become more Mack like over the years., thank god Renault never felt tempted to put the Brockway name on a 16ton mid-liner tho, some old marques should be left in the ether. Superb pics anyway. Hows about doing Marmon next? :wink:

btw did Brockway make cabovers?

yes they did make cabovers, they used the mack F series cab which we’re fairly familiar with over here - there will be photos on hank’s truck pictures website i’m sure?

Lovely old trucks alex…built like a tank…nice all the same but probably a pig to drive as far as comfort is concerned…

Nice pics Alexx, yes I remember Brockway but mainly I suspect as a result of ‘Convoy’. Wasn’t it a white Brockway that the black ladytrucker rolled at the road junction with a flat loaded with timber? I seem to remember it being said that that was a genuine accident during filming which is why it was shown freeze frame rather than slomo - they didn’t have a slomo camera operating.

Salut, David.

Thanks for the pics Alex,some lovely old rigs there.
regards derek

Excellent pic’s AlexxInNY :smiley: