Slipping clutch

i had a run to ■■■■■■■ today in a 6 wheeler scania. i noticed the clutch was slipping quite badly. it was bad enough for the cruise control to struggle against it. i reported it on my return and pointed out that if it goes, it could cause other problems with the transmission (so i have been told) but what are the potential repercussions of a clutch going?

Basicly if you change it when it starts it only needs a clutch disc and pressure plate. If it goes completely then at best the flywheel will need skimming, or at worst a complete new flywheel.

As for damage to the transmisson, thats a new one on me.

i think hes thinking of the centre bearing o the diff just had one daf do 2 of em in 2 months then it neededa new clutch :laughing:

Yes scanny as henrys cat says the heat can knacker the flywheel as well.
The 420 scannys have quite a light clutch and pressure plate in them and it is false economy not to change them if you have gearbox off to get at the slave cylender or thrust bearing as plate and pressure plate are not expensive to replace plus once its slipping it has not long to go and the lots knackered :confused:

got from soton to cheiveley last friday with a slipping clutch,only had 11 ton on it and by the time it got anywhere near that M4 /A34 junc it had lost all but slow traction,so time for a brew,and called it in,got pulled to reading,and truck got back last nite,only needed plate and cover,last that failed fryed the flywheel took 3 weeks for new flywheel to come from france.

it was smoking like a good un in the services till it cooled down,lucky escape could have gone on the M4,then failed.


Henrys cat:
As for damage to the transmisson, thats a new one on me.

i meant that as in gearbox, running gears etc. anything related to getting power from the engine to the wheels

No scanny it wont damage the transmision in a manual gearbox it basicly a dry area with no gearbox oil but if you had slipping in a auto box it would be a different matter as the oil would start to over heat in the gearbox and knacker it