SKIP Waggons

Passed my test in January,

got a 2 day training assessment with a skip firm locally.

can anyone give me any advice as to what they are like to drive and operate?


Normally 6 speed unless you get a converted unit and then its 4/4, most of the ones ive driven get bare minimum of maintenance and are filthy.

Get whoever you are out with to let you drop a few over garden walls so you know the score if someone wants it on the garden. Some wagons have telescopic arms some have a fixed bar no real difference you can just postion a bit better with the arms.

Use blocks underneath the back legs when lifting to save any damage to driveways etc, if its massively overloaded and some builder tells you to put your net over it then tell him to ■■■■ off and make them unload it.

Take your time, ignore car drivers who will get irate when you need to drop or pick up on a busy road, if the skip looks in a silly place the customer has probably moved it (they will deny this) refuse to pick up.

However all the above is pretty useless if its RORO’s you will be doing lol, best of luck.

Skips can be good fun there’s people to interact with who value you. Get about it and have a laugh

Remember to check your back wheels for bricks etc. when coming off building sites

DONT be scared to say NO if the skip looks over loaded or dangerously loaded its your licence

DONT forget to use your legs if the skip looks heavy. its surprising how quickly the front of the lorry goes up lol

if your not sure ask for help. most forklift drivers on sites are willing to help

DONT trust builders as banksmen always get out and have a look as most builders will just keep you reversing even if theres not enough room

thats a few things that spring to mind

Looking for some knowledge on skip wagons.
When doubling up with loaded skips are they classed as insecure?
Would a ratchet be acceptable?
Got stopped today by eager copper and going to be possibly charged with “Danger of injury due to position of load.”
Top skip was about 1/3 in bottom skip and total weight 12 tons.Both arms were in bottom position.
Anyone had the same experience…what was the outcome?

Got stopped today by eager copper

Or one who’s just doing their job. We’ve all seen skip trucks flying about trying to get as many bins on as possible and TBH they never look secure.