Skip Truck question

I’m doing a day on the skips tommorow for the agency. Can someone with some experiance run through the basics please.

Especially how do you tip them as I think i’ve got the rest!

Thanks in advance


P.s. Its a standard skip truck with chains (4 wheeler) for the council.

Never tipped a skip but at a guess

Legs down,

Raise the rear Hook on the back of the body

Unload the skip as if your putting it on the floor, it should catch the hook as its going off the back and as the arms go further down this will tip the skip up and empty its contents

Skip back on truck,

hook down

Legs up

Simple as that i reckon,

Anyone else?

Spot on infact Pete !
Just watch the hook catches on the skip as it travels back.You can use the legs to level the truck on uneven ground and this will normally make sure the hook catches the skip

Rocket science it aint. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for overhead cables. If you are swapping a skip rather than delivering or collecting only, put the empty down somewhere out of the way, bring the full one out and put it nearby and then drop the empty back in. Don’t make the same mistake as I did to start with by trying to minimise shunting by dropping the empty near the full one and then finding it always in the way.

Basically it’s just common sense, but ask for them to show you the controls as they all vary from one to another.

Make sure the skip is empty before you lower it, ALWAYS sheet the skip and make sure the chains are not swinging. Plenty of power out of the corners or the skip will move and push you straight on.

Thanks for the advice, had a bit of a baptism of fire but got home safe, thanks for the tips chaps. :smiley: