Site rules at prinovis liverpool


Their site as they say and their rules.

Before entering to make the delivery just seek assurances that THEY can unload and reload or whatever in sufficient time to allow you to leave and find a suitable place to begin your rest.

If they can’t or won’t, politely tell them that you will return the following day or at the end of your required rest period.

To use their terminology, it is quite obvious that this should never be a problem that is insurmountable for either party to resolve.


Legal, if not a little uncooperative.

I am not so sure that it is legal.
Especially the latter part discussing ‘unforseen circumstance’ including a pallet falling over whilst unloading.
It would be interesting to forward this to VOSA for their interpretation of ‘unforseen circumstances’.
In the meantime, if I was a driver going there on a regular basis, I would be having a copy of this in my cab at all times, laminated and kept pristine, just in case.

Usual double standards, drivers can’t use the unforeseen circumstances card even though they may have been held up on other deliveries or in traffic, but Prinovis can, even though they only have to unload a few pallets!!!

Twyford’s ceramics in Alsager state on their invoices that goods cannot be signed for unchecked, I was reading this at their dispatch counter while also noticing their own ‘Twyford’s goods received unchecked’ stamp sitting on the desk!!!

That would suit me just fine. Tell them to make the load secure to travel, give me my keys and I will see you in 12 and a half hours. Better than being refused your keys, ie tesco, then told to do one :unamused:

can’t see a problem with it

it is very factual

perfectly legal

They must have run out of chalk! :grimacing:

I really can’t see any issue with this at all! If a driver is dumb enough to arrive on ANY delivery site without informing whoever is in charge that he/she is short of time they deserve all the trouble they get!
What is a reasonable time to tip or load 26 pallets? An hour? So if you arrive and only have 20 mins duty time left you cannot seriously expect to be loaded in that time!

I’ve delivered reels to Prinovis on numerous occasions and always arrived within 30 mins of my booking time and never once have I been delayed!

All they are doing by issuing these rules is covering their backsides when a driver runs out of time because he/she/planner hasn’t allowed enough time to complete the job and find somewhere to park! It would however be very very interesting to hear VOSA enforcements view on this subject!