Silly Joke

Johnson left PM Office to be replaced by Truss in Sept 2022. Truss has now been replaced. Both were ousted by their own party
So what separates Truss and Johnson?
The perineum.

Never mind that, what about this? Are there a few on here who should be worried?

Done my bit then. :innocent:

I thought you meant the new server


I`ll bet you remember Tom Lehrer?

Allegedly…Tom Lehrer stopped writing and performing in the early 70s because he thought Henry Kissinger getting the Nobel Peace prize meant the death of satire.
How many more “straw and camel’s back” moments have there been since then?

Try this…

And for those who (think they) don`t know Lehrer? “Poisoning Pigeons In The Park”? or more socio/politically

Brilliant, I remember Lehrer well, and wondered how he got away with some of his songs. I wondered where he got that small audience from and if there were any Catholics present, and laughing along.

I hadn’t heard the reason but I do know that he gave up performing and went back to acedemia.

Or should that be Acedemia, and has any one of our number ever tipped there? :thinking:

I delivered to CERN.
Guess that makes me a contributor to the discovery of the Higgs boson.

This was my first experience of Tom Lehrer, courtesy of one of our lecturers back in the very early 1990s, no YouTube back then (all the younger TN’ers thinking “How did you exist without YT?”) so he had to play it on a VCR (Google it, young 'uns)

This is why I won’t be holidaying in Arizona this year. :astonished:

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Stay home, you could end up with more than you bargained for:

Lost Phone Scam

Mum! It’s me.
I dropped my phone and broke it, so using my mate’s. Low battery.
I need help.

I took you to the orphanage for a reason.
Stop texting me!


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Happy Easter to all here.
Time for a hymn?

And did those feet in ancient time,
Walk upon Englands mountains green,
And was the holy lamb of God,
On Englands pleasant pastures seen,

Nope, we stopped the boat,
And kept the Palestinian out.

I have an automatic gear box on my newly aquired car . It works fine in the daytime when I select “D” but won’t move at night when I select “N”.
Do you think it’s to do with the clocks changing?

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That is awful !

I feel embarrassed at laughing.

I thought it was a bit strange when I thought I was there. :thinking: :astonished:

Strewth mate, where is me? I’m confused. :roll_eyes:

Too much time standing upside down?
Nope, can’t even say that any more.