Side mark for my don bur

does anyone have a good contact for marker lights, these are start to get a pain to get hold of :smiling_imp: eurotruck at mansfield have had some on order for me for a year :unamused:

they have a twin socket on the back, and have 4 leds in each light

Contact Don Bur and ask them for some?

Dun-Bri are the official UK distributor for those. Always in stock.

Why don’t you just upgrade them all?

an when you unscrew them dab a bit of graphite grease on the screws

ill try don bur again tomorrow, when i spoke to them last time must have been a new kid, β– β– β– β–  useless

sorted thanks for the help didnt see the create an account job done and ordered 4 happy days :grimacing: