shunt button??????????

Whats the shunt button for?
Being new i aint got a clue. When i asked on the training they said “dont worry bout that you wont need it”
Ive been doing some small supermarket work for an agency just recently and i normally hitch up as follows:
Reverse under half way, double check trailer brake, up on the cat walk connect leads, all the way under, dog clip, legs, trailer break and gone.
They now tell me that i cant do that cos someone died a few years ago cos they forgot to check the trailer brake and was crushed.
They tell me that i should go under trailer and ■■■■ the cab round so i can get the leads on without having to get on the cat walk.
But i find this difficult when busy and we are all in a line. Ive noticed bits of mirror all over the place. :confused:
My question is, can i push the shunt button and pull foward six foot and turn slighly right? and will the shunt button cancel out when i connect the red lead?.
Im sure ive seen drivers doing this before.
Or do you have an even better way to hitch up a fridge without getting on the cat walk?..olly

These companies that have this cotton wool approach to connecting trailers up should be shot.

There’s nothing dangerous about split-coupling (as described by yourself) and it’s only thick numpties without any brains that are unable to do it and are against it.

Personally I wouldn’t work for such a company that dictates how you should hitch up your trailer. They either want you to do the job, or they don’t, and if they do then they should keep their beaks out and let you get on with it.

However, that said, it doesn’t answer your question! The shunt button is exactly for what it says on the tin. Do a normal hitch up and then just bang the shunt button in and it should move forward. Bear in mind a couple of things though

  1. Not all trailer systems are the same and sometimes pushing the shunt button in without your lines on will not stay pushed in, usually because :

  2. There isn’t enough air in the trailer. Also consider :

  3. If the trailer is fully loaded only go very steady as when you brake you’ve got no trailer brakes, only the unit’s, and the difference in braking power is huge and you’ll find that when you press the pedal it doesn’t do a right lot unless you stand up in the cab on it!


Ah right, very helpful thanks rob, i totally agreed with what your saying, ive always split coupled and im also very careful with what i do…Where do you draw the line…its wet today so you cant go out!!!