Shell&uk fuels garages

hi guys,i`m looking if possible for a list or map for hgv shell & uk fuels stops in the uk,any help would be much appreciated,thanks

you should be able to get a book of outlets from Uk fuels and Shell if you use their cards , usually free as well.

Contact their customer services

thanks for that toowise should have known :blush:

No problem chiva

Dont forget to ask for the most up to date one not the 3 year old ones they usually send out…

You may find that even the newest are out of date,
If in doubt the fuel books usually have phone numbers call the outlet direct saves the worry if you rely on one and the garage no longer takes the card.

I once drove 30 ish miles out of my way to be told …" we havent taken that card for 2 years"…best thing was the garage was still in the book that was only printed 6 month previously :unamused: :unamused:

great advice toowise thats well noted,im going back to distance work again after 10yrs local,did`nt want to get caught short :laughing: thanks again :wink:

No probs…nothing worse than watching a dwindling fuel guage and not nowing where the next card outlet is

Do you use ReD fuel card as well Chiva coz i can probably get hold of one of their books our TM hides them in his desk for some reason :unamused:

stick to moterway for the few shell places
all town garages seem to have low canopy
less than 4 mts

If you have a TomTom, you can connect the unit to the net, go to download POI and search thru them(they are in alphabetical order) til u fint shell garages. Then just install it on your unit

from this page:

Site Network — Provides a primary network of approximately 400 Shell sites, known as ‘core’ sites and including all Shell Motorway Service Areas. The ‘core’ sites are mostly located on major trunk routes to ensure your vehicles need not drive off route to refuel, with almost all able to cater for the largest vehicles on the road.

.xls Spreadsheet:

its just shell&uk fuels ive been given toowise,thanks for the help guy`s much appreciated :wink:

You can find Shell poi files for the tomtom if you look. The Shell book is the most difficult book to understand imho.


Also make sure to get your shell drivers card you can rack up an amazing number of points in a very short time,though your not supposed to use them in an hgv most garages will take them.