Shell to close 1000 petrol stations

“Gas and oil giant Shell is looking to close as many as 1,000 retail gas stations in the coming years, as it pivots toward deployment of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.The company plans to instead focus on scaling its public EV charging network, and in hopes to bring total charging points up to 200,000 by 2030, up from around 54,000 today.!(…s-ev-charging/

Your link is broken, this is a working link to the story.

Shell to close 1,000 gas stations to focus on EV charging deployment (

I imagine Esso and BP bosses must be delighted :smile:

Ah! Cheers for that. :+1: No doubt Esso & BP will be following suit as they’re signed up to Net-Zero also.

With the resulting crash that the net zero scam will cause to the economy no one will be able to afford to buy or run an EV even if they wanted one.

The Irony - Fossil Fuels made trillions for these outfits, and now they are choosing to throw it all away on the folly that is EV Emission-Free before the world is ready for it.

(The world is ready - when your country has <1p per unit electricity like Egypt, and not before…)

Whomever among the Fossil Fuel outfits - chooses to break rank, and MAINTAIN their current stance and sheer number of Petrol/Diesel forecourts past 2030 - is absolutely going to clean up should the anticipated Green Majority Government not happen by that point…