Shed loads. Radio traffic bulletins

Everyday i hear another shed load.Is it checked before leaving the yard.Is it checked again on a routine stop.
With Vosa fining for insecure loads, why is this still happening.

There’s a lot of sheds out there mind . With a load of monkeys eating peanuts

I’ve always wondered how they’d go about reporting a shed load of sheds - “a shed load of sheds, sheds load” :laughing:

The driver should take the load into account despite how well secured it might appear to be, anything other than an empty vehicle contains a load that can shift, not rocket science to work out how probable that is and an approximate C of G and drive accordingly…if the load is sealed inside and inspection impossible then drive to loose high load standards.

I have no statistics but i expect those who secured their own loads before loads were hidden from view rarely if ever feature in ‘‘shed load’’ reports.

Some could be rollovers which the radio report as shed loads. Also might not be to do with load security in the way you’re imagining drivers not closing doors properly, or forgetting to, is one scenario.

And ratchet straps that become torn while rubbing against sharp edges.While going down the road the strap breaks.
On average i see about ten straps in the side of the road.

A lot of its down to the poor standards of so called professional lorry drivers oh sorry I meant “truckers” nowadays who haven’t a clue how to drive you see them overtaking on roundabouts on the A1 when their fully loaded then they have a mile of queuing traffic behind them as they try to get back in to the near side lane the A1 at Worksop was one of the worse places for shed loads and overturned lorries ooops (trucks) many think it’s there devine duty to get past you no matter how they’ve loaded their vehicle also when some of the so called professional drivers come past after overtaking they start indicating to pull in and they haven’t even got by you thus taking up your stopping distance in the event of an emergency another cause of the shedding load syndrome

It’s always quicker to through a sheet/strap over it then it is to pick it back up!.

To be honest when i see a load that is higher than the head board at the front of the trailer with nothing to stop it propeling in to the cab at the same height where it could take your head off, i get a bad feeling looking at it.
If the truck has to brake hard the steel rods,pipes,tubes,reels or concrete products will end up going in the cab.
I have not seen forward restraint.Only lateral or downward restraint on some loads.
I know what the answer is.The firm and drivers have been doing it like that for years with no incidents and nothing has ever fallen off or moved.
I am on about flat bed trailer loads.Would you drive it like that and risk being crushed by it when that Nissan Micra pulls out at 46 mph.