Sending off driving licence with pass certificate

When I passed my C category I didn’t let the examiner send off my licence as I had to go to France he next week and wanted to keep my licence.

Looking at the internet it seems I just stuff the paper licence, photocard and pass certificate into an envelope and send to DVLA.

Is this right? Don’t I need to fill any forms in at all ■■ Just put everything in an envelope addressed to DVLA?

Yeah you need to fill the driver application form out , the left side says about adding classes to your license! Send both parts of your license and pass cerfitcate off! Remember to photocopy it though! And can take up too 3 weeks

Most I know have simply sent off the licence (both parts) and the test pass certificate and got the category added

The pass cert is not sent back which is why scanning that and both sides of the DL (both parts) is advisable and it also allows the driver to print off a colour copy of the test pass cert for their own copy