Seeking knowledge ERF 1972

Hello to everyone here, I am posting here in the belief that there will be many readers who drove and repaired and operated one of these ERF’s and thrfore have far greater knowledge and experience about this subject.
Details of the vehicle first reg DMB606K 01/01/1972 it’s a two axle tractor red over black Gardner 180 David Brown ,6 and splitter axle.
I have just bought this vehicle it was collected yesterday and is now in Somerset , fairly complete but in need of a good overhaul.
We hope to have it back on the road commercially.Yes some people would have us down as mad!!! Shot in the head !! Or need shooting :slight_smile:
To do that and its entirely possible like so many steam loco’s , we need some advice !!! a service manual would be helpful to find our way around a wiring diagram we will need some parts too like bushes ,rubbers /vibration insulators,etc, a gearbox upper x member with chassis brackets or knowledge of people or places where such parts might be found or I will haveto manufacture one , possibly a gear box even as the top tin cover is rusted through and It might be too late inside.!!
So Anyone who can help and wants to see this old bit of kit back doing what it was built for around the south west please post up usefull onfo or details of its history or message or call me please that’s Andy on 07913237139 I will post up some pictures soonany thanks for taking an interest. Let’s see who knows what :slight_smile:

Hiya would like to see some photo,s of the ERF in any condition, that make spur us on…