Seeing as people are asking about jobs

I asked the boss last week, if we have any jobs going, because a bloke asked me while I was waiting to be let into a yard and I didn’t know! Apparantly we have ‘a couple’ of days vacancies, either temp to perm with ADR agency or direct with Morrisons. (Corby).

Its a 5 week rota, start times from 7am to 11am. 45 hrs basic, usually 50-55hrs per week. Pay is being balloted right now, but 2007-08 rate is £10.01 to 180 hours (4 week pay scale) then £13.01. £23 Sunday attendance. Annual profit share based on p46; this year it was about £900 before tax but you have to be there a year to qualify for it. OT is proposed to go up to 1.4 time. It is freezer work, just make sure you have fuel in the tank before you set off…As we have our key fuels card you don’t have to go to Burton Latimer to get diesel, eg today I fuelled at Rugby night owl.
The work itself it easy, just check the load and truck obviously, off you go. Usually 2 to 4 drops, I’ve done 5 drops about twice in 2 years, or a trip up to Farmer’s Boy (Bradford) for a collection.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they have nights vacancies too, just thought people may be interested. If so,send me a pm and I’ll answer any more q’s. Just be aware it may take a day or 2 as I don’t log on every day :smiley:

Hi CBR_SI, I think there might be a few on here who’ll be grateful for your post. :grimacing:

I know its not General Haulage, but try Morrisons supermarket. I work for them in Northants and its an easy job so you can learn your way around driving a class 1 without the stresses of off loading by handball down an alley :open_mouth:

Are they willing to take on newbies :question: :question:

farmers boy ,bradford -thats the place of nightmares , often sit there for 4/5/6 hrs for a couple of pallets, id rather go to swithanbank [3663] at bradford and thats saying something

hey Adi, my mate sat there last week for 7 hours :open_mouth: the whatsit hit the doodah there, we think the fools thought a freezer trailer would actually freeze goods, what happened was that the temp just fluctuated between about -2 and +2 as I recall… whole load was junked.

Rog, I think they would take on a newbie; perhaps with a caveat of a weeks mentoring or something. Afterall they do put warehouse staff through the test, then mentor them for 5 weeks. Everyone is meant to go on an assesment drive, which is normally just a couple of miles to make sure they can drive safely. I asked my supervisor today, there are no night jobs, but still days.
He said the best thing is to ring the personnel dept for an application form, but if anyone does that I’ll tell the office too so they know its gone in. I think Common Sense, and an aptitude for getting on with it is the key. Our job from Corby is a bit different from that at Latimer Park (Grocery), in so much as that we do several drops in a day, so you have to think about when to take breaks etc. Today, I had Milton Keynes/Leighton Buzzard/Basingstoke, yesterday I did Banbury/Malvern/Leominster.

Todays news is that the pay deal has been approved.
Now its (days) £10.36p.h to 180 hrs, then £14.50ph, Sunday allowance £24.56
Pay is 4 weekly.