Secure Parking at Hinckley M69 / A5

I’ve got provisional planning for a secure HGV park on a site near Hinckley, Leicestershire.
Question is, would anybody use it?!

At the minute were estimating that overnight parking would cost about £8 - £10…
On site security, toilets and catering facility.
Close to M69, A5 and a couple of pubs!

Just trying to gauge any interest at the moment, so please let me know if you would consider using the site.


You just need to put signs up that can be seen from the motorway and the A5 of exactly where it is. Get a web site with key words prominent on the home page, there is a page on this site that shows truckstops. I am going to look on the page from now on and plan to stop at smaller places.

Good food is the key and proper security so you don’t get interfered with in the night (ooo er). It will take time to build up a following and I can’t comment on wether it will be profitable for you but I for one am going to try and support smaller, better truckstops from now on.

I’ve just had a chicken curry at Membery svcs on the M4 and it was the last congealed bit in the bottom of the heater thing with dry rice and dry chips as there was no Naan, shouln’t have bothered but fancied a sit down meal, £21 for the priviledge too. In comparison to this, I was at Smokey’s truckstop near Redruth one night last week, friendly staff, cracking food cooked briskly too order and not a rip off either, recommended.

You may want to put this in the driver’s forum as well.

Thanks for your thoughts… The signs and website are already underway and I’m talking to a few different people regarding the food…
Just waiting on formal permission and feedback…
I’ll post it in the drivers forum too (not sure if double posts are allowed?)

I’ll post it in the drivers forum too (not sure if double posts are allowed?)

they’re allowed sometimes :wink:

I can’t see a problem with posting it where more drivers will see it.

when you get close to opening there’s the overnight parking forum to post in as well.

i’m sure there’s demand for all secure overnight truck parking.
every truckstop i visit doing repairs at night is full.
lincoln farm is near to me and has little signage and resembles some east european haulage yard but is full every night i get called there,sometimes more than full.people just know it’s there after a long time,word get’s about and regulars will with all business’s there’s going to be a period of time while you build up a reputation.
people will want to do trailer swops,and others may want to do the 45 minute breaks if you’re not too far off the beaten track so seperate area’s may be put aside for these activities.

another thing i’d say is sort out the toilet location so everyone doesn’t pee all over your yard there,but not so it becomes ahaunt of thise who hang about layby’s with odd intentions. :open_mouth:

oh yes,i’d target those heading for magna park as parking around that area is limited and there will be plenty of regular driver’s/company’s heading there,but beware of the low bridge on the A5 for double deckers.