'Secret Lives'

Did anyone listen to ‘Secret Lives’ on Radio Four this evening?

The sketch where Alan Bennett rings a ‘How’s my driving’ number he’s seen on the back of a truck is wagon crashingly funny…

If anyone on TNUK has access to BBC iPlayer give it a try, it’s frikkin hilarious.


its the funniest thing on radio! that and ■■■■ mags and bags (another radio4 gem!)

Very true, I was unsure about ■■■■, mags and bags because I assumed from the title that it was yet another Radio 4 PCfest.

I gave it a try and I’m hooked. They really deserved the ‘Season Finale’ the other week and I look forward to the next lot…

‘Cabin Pressure’ is on the can’t miss list too…


Excellent. :slight_smile: