Seasons Greetings

Happy Christmas to all my readers.

Nice picture of you riding the motorbike Harry.
Merry christmas :smiley:

ello harry,hows thailand.
can you fix me up with the one one the left with the red bag■■?

bet they do a nice frikadellen mit pommes frites und mayonnaise.(die echte thomy)

und then a kaffee fertig.

you didn’t post any pictures of the OAP westerners with their unbelievably young, newly found “true love”

I do love Thailand, but every time I go it depresses me to see all them sad old gits, with some poor Thai girl throwing herself at him just to make her life a little better.

Got a funny story about Thailand, I had a friend go there about a year ago, met a lovely lady and she offered him a lift back to his hotel on her motorbike.
So he jumped on the back and held on tight, they got stuck in traffic and she moved his hands up a little bit so he could admire her top half in more detail.

They started moving again, at about 20mph or so he reckons, and she moves his hands southward a little bit, he grabs hold of what’s there…

Then it dawns on him that there shouldn’t be anything at all to grab on to, he screams and stands up, only they are on a moving motorbike, he falls off the back “She” stops the bike and my friend, still in a daze, runs off with just a sprained ankle and an offended ladyboy chasing him down the road.

The worrying thing is, he tells this story every time he gets drunk… seems he likes recalling it!