Seasick Steve.

Anybody hear Seasick Steve on the Chris Evans show the other day. Brilliant singer and sound and 62 year old.

Yea, I’ve been listening to him for a few years now. Got a few albums for long journeys!
All his instruments are home made from whatever is lying around!

I first experienced Seasick Steve on Top Gear, he made a guitar out of a bit of wood and a Morris Minor hub cap. I cant get enough of the bloke now, very honest and down to earth, funny, jovial and talented. He strikes me as what every famous person should be, happy with what the world has delivered to them.

Have listened and watched several of his songs on youtube since I heard him on the radio. Great stuff,it would be good to see him live.

First heard him on jools Holland show few years back. Really is amazing what you can do with a 2 or 3 string guitar and an upturned bucket