Sealed containers and securing the load?

Picked up a sealed…


The paperwork for the load should be signed by the loader of the trailer stating it is loaded in a way that is fit for transportation. But use your judgement, what is the load, is it poss it could be move during transit or be dangerous. If no info on load then don’t move it!!!

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At the end of the day if the load falls off its you that pays the price…

Personally i always break the seals, check the load restraints and reseal, having the transport office of wherever i am to sign the paperwork saying the load has been checked for restraints at whatever depot / changeover point.

We’re allowed to break the seal if we think the load isn’t secure but we need to do in front of a manager who then signs the paperwork and issues a new seal.

Many thanks guys.

try and flip it over between lifting it and rallying it as far as the gate…if you don’t end up on your side by then,itl be ok till you get where your going…or…stop being a fanny and get on with can read al the rules that suits you,but at the end of the day,its always going to be your problem no matter what goes wrong.find a job to suit your attitude regarding how to do a days work whatever way suits you…sounds like your best suited to Tesco/agency with all the associated h&s bumph,otherwise, if you cant handle that,its macdonalds recruitment days for you… :slight_smile: