Sea fishing

I have got a load of sea fishing gear, 10 rods 8 reel and boxes of bits that I have had for a year or two (owed money given these), the rods are a mix of beach rods and pier and boat rods and the reels are a few multipliers and a couple of fixed spool reels.

Now years ago I went on a couple of sea fishing trips on a boat and puked my guts up for hours but still really enjoyed it, now yesterday near my Mams near Pensarn I tried that beach fishing malarkey. I had no idea what I was doing so I chucked a weight on one of the big road and a line with a few hooks on attached to the weight with some lug or maybe rag worms on (got given them) caught sod all but got used to casting and some fair distance and accuracy and thoroughly enjoyed the peace and sound of the sea.

What I would like to know is what is the best forum for fishing for a complete and utter novice with no pride :laughing:
Or for that matter any hints from any one here who goes sea fishing :sunglasses:


I haven’t been beach casting for 15 years or more. But one tip I was given, was to put just a weight on the line, and cast along the beach for practise. Not for distance, but for accuracy. And so you can get a feel for when your tackle lands, so you can stop the line spooling off with the momentum.

I made the mistake of using a beach cast technique the first time I went carp fishing. I cleared the lake, and caught a Vauxhall Astra in the car park. :blush:

I’ve never fished but fishermen don’t strike me as the type to frequent forums. I do regularly go down to the local harbour arms where the fishermen will help and talk to anyone. Maybe you’d be better going out one day and asking those doing it there and then.

I did, thats who gave me the bait, he was the only one there and was just leaving :blush: :laughing:

I have left all the gear at my mums place (near the beach) more studying then round two :wink:
Gets me outa taking my daughter the fair all the time :smiley:

Do you take her fishing with you?

Do you take her fishing with you?

No, she stayed with her Nan :wink: