Scottish question

Hello all,

I have a quick question for those north of the border,

I have a collection of a trailer from Livingston to Inverness and back again,
although this is only 160 miles, how long will a return trip actually take on the A9, is this easily done in a day?

I haven’t a clue, north of the border this time of night!!!


No problems. About 3.5-4hrs each way,depending on traffic.

You have a pm.

They still enforcing the 40 mph on the A9 Highlander ? By any chance do you have a Hino Logger ?

As I can say from my night trunking there only tesco and morrison’s vans going 40 there… :slight_smile:

Speed cameras seems not operating for lorries…

Thanks guys

watch out for 2 black vectras on A9, AVERAGE SPEED CAMERAS! i got chatting with a lad up in inverness, he got done for 46mph on the A9 :confused:

I saw two cars with cameras last week on A9
They were set up either end of short Dual c/way section
Black Vauxhall Zafira at one end
White Ford pickup at other (this looked like a Highways Agency van!!!)

Was this one of the average speed traps or maybe a road tax check what dya all think