Scorpio International

Anyone here worked for Scorpio International during the late 80s?
The one I’m talking about was in Hayes, Middx.
Clothing was the main goods being delivered by the company.

Cut my teeth there when I was just 18. Drove a Bedford estate to start then a Dodge box van which had a turning circle like the Queen Mary. Moved on to a Ford and then the new (at the time) 7 1/2 tonne Leyland roadrunners, past my class 1 and drove the 16 tonne leyland and Bedfords and did some class 1 work before moving on.
Happy times from what I can remember.
I was there from 1986-89.

If it`s the same company they had a depot on the Euroway Estate in Bradford , they ran black Marathons and ERFs

I remember one o Scorpios catching fire just north o Lockerbie on the A74 early ish 80s it had a load o cashmere sweaters an the likes on .I remember the driver telling me it was going to a big fashion type show down south.
The reason I remember was the load was smoke damaged and it was thrown into a jcb bucket (my dad was driving) and dumped intae the back o our tippers ,we had to go back to our depot (roads depot) at Lockerbie and when the trailer was emptied out we all had to go to the dump at Dumfries where we met an insurance man to make sure the load was buried.
of course we never took anything out o the tippers to take home and clean. :unamused: :unamused: :wink: :wink: …we had the smartest looking roadmen in the UK for many years :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: jimmy

Sorry i know this is quite an old post but i worked for scorpio at the Bradford yard on the Euroway Estate, They were ■■■■■ to work for.

Being young and starting my career there (Hayes Middx) I loved it. No good wages wise but I knew no better back then. Just enjoyed the freedom.

I did night trunk to Tebay quite a bit when i got my class 1 with them driving a ERF , sometime i went down to the Hayes depot then back to Bradford .I remember one of the top bosses called Jock Mccloud ( if thats how you spell it ) , he was one of them you had to try keep out of the way of when in the yard. Yes i agree wages were not the best at all.

You told me Scorpio was a really good firm, and Jock was a really good boss !! :wink:
Regards. John.

Hi John , How are you!!. John Darby came round over the weekend and was saying how much he missed you not being at Sherborne as do most of the drivers there. Jock was really not a real bad guy but at the time you had to keep out of his way, away from work he was ok .

Hey John , I am still looking for that Acorn Freight picture if you ever find one :smiley: