Scania regular inspections

Mine went in on Friday, picked it up Monday morning. I have a couple questions, for anyone who may know.

Firstly, my o/s wing repeater bulb blew about a month ago. So I changed it as we do our own. When it shorted it had welded itself into the bulb holder, and also cooked said holder too, making it very brittle.

Long story short by the time I had got the old bulb out and the new one in there was only half the bulb holder left. This meant the new bulb had to be held in place by generous amounts of electrical tape, hopes, and dreams. But it worked. Obviously I knew that this was a one time only fix and if the bulb went again it would be impossible to swap out. So naturally I asked the good people at Scania to splice me a new bulb holder into the lamp. Or so I thought.

What I actually ended up with was a complete new side lamp, the works. Is this normal?? How much can a new bulb holder cost, you would only have to cut and join 2 wires surely??

Secondly, it’s got an opticruise gearbox, I realise it is much maligned, but I can genuinely say that once I had the hang of it, I have never found it dim witted, or selecting the wrong gear.

Until I picked it up Monday. I spent all day yesterday blocking up roundabouts where I had pulled away and got 3 feet before she changed her mind about what gear she wanted. Do they plug it in and do some sort of factory reset to it?? My fuel economy the last 2 days has been crap too. I struggled to get 9mpg yesterday, and struggled to get 9.75mpg today. Although I’m not a computer the runs and weights I had, I would have hoped for 1mpg better really.

I’ve nearly had this truck for a year now and never had any problems like this after picking it up. Mind you, I have never “reported” any defects before.

Any ideas?? Or am I just being a ■■■■ and worrying about nothing?

I’ve never had much bother taking mine in the only thing I don’t let them do is grease the truck it tell them to do the chassis but not to touch anything else because the first time I took it in I got it back dripping in grease. One of the lads that work in the yard caught my boss’s side repeater whilst he was on holiday so I phoned scania to see how much one was so we could replace it without him finding out I think it was £40 some odd so that’s probably why they replaced the whole unit it’s not massively expensive so probsbly not worth the agro of messing around with it.

I would expect them to replace whole side light unit rather than go for a repair. I think there is a time issue here, and also the fact that they probably do not supply the parts individually, so will just replace whole light.

I can totally sympathise with you over the way your truck is running. They done a similar thing with mine, whereby they plug in laptop and install updates to the trucks ECU or whatever they call it. Problem is, for me and you too, the truck runs worse afterwards. The fitters don’t notice because they don’t drive the thing everyday, and rev the ■■■■■■■■ out of it when they test it. I was told ‘to put my foot through it’ when I complained about truck hesitating when letting clutch out, which us not how I drive it, or want to drive it! I have given up for the moment, as I can’t see a solution.

It may be they disconnected the battery to do the job and it’s gone back to default, you may find it re-learns your driving style.

Bolting new bits on is what main dealers are good at.

Mechanics repair and fitters, well, fit new bits. It’s what they do.

I got the hump about the gearbox today, told the gaffer, who ummed and ahhhhed, but soon as I mentioned the drop in MPG was on the phone to Scania. Apparently the computer has been plugged into it and had a software “update”. Supposedly this has more than likely not been finished correctly, so has to be plugged back in again. Genius.

Got to love progress. If it ain’t broke…

A repair will not carry any warrenty- most dealers now will only replace faulty items with new OEM parts - the days of duct tape and cable ties are long gone

No I agree Rikki, I didn’t expect duct tape and cable ties.

I can do that.

What I expected, was a new bulb holder, properly spliced into place. If I had the holder I could do it in 5 minutes. It’s hardly difficult. The new lamp had the incorrect bulb in the side light position too.

It’s yet another thing with the modern world I dislike.

Keep us updated. Apparently, they will download and send off the information to Sweden, where somebody will analyse the data and figure out the fault. The way my truck runs, it is as if they have set it up for a different truck. Not impressed at all, but am glad to hear I am not the only one to experience this problem. Thanks.

There should be a part nr. for just the bulbholder if I don’t remember completely wrong. At least if you get a non original part.

They’re taking the ■■■■ replacing the lamp unit. Presumably they know you are going to notice things like that, not as if you’re DHL is it.

The start off gear can be changed in opticruise by their laptop, I always had 3rd gear as I was fairly light most of the time, some people have first though which can take you an age to get going.

Can’t help on the sluggish running ask them why it’s running like a bag of spanners after you picked it up. Keltruck do care I think if you make a complaint as the money & customers aren’t as easy to come by as they once were.

Your only mistake was asking them to fix the bulb holder in the first place.

The start off gear can be changed in opticruise by their laptop, I always had 3rd gear as I was fairly light most of the time, some people have first though which can take you an age to get going.

you can change it with the gearstalk yourself actually…


The start off gear can be changed in opticruise by their laptop, I always had 3rd gear as I was fairly light most of the time, some people have first though which can take you an age to get going.

you can change it with the gearstalk yourself actually…

Arr with a PHD.

I think the older ones you can’t, laptop only.

I can understand about them replacing, not repairing but they should of asked him first.

I had the reflective bit come loose in a Renault premium head lamp. Glue? No, sealed unit £300 please sir.

I think the older ones you can’t, laptop only.

haven’t driven a 4-series opticruise, but on the R-series it was always a DIY measure. on the ones with three pedals you turn the engine on, turn the knob on the gearlever to DH, pick a starting gear or auto starting gear (depending on the weight of the driveaxle iirc) and then turn the knob back to neutral - it will make a bleep to confirm that you have now changed the starting gear. it’s a bit different on the newer ones with two pedals but still you don’t need to make an appointment at the dealership each time you load/change a trailer :smiley:

Mine is R series '08 3 pedal job bit. Starting gear is the same as it always has been, 2. MPG is falling steadily, today I couldn’t even get 8. I wasn’t even max weight today :cry:
Should have been somewhere nearer 10.

Going in for laptopping on Monday I believe

I drive a 57 R420 and the past month it hasn’t felt right , no faults on dash or anything. Before I would have it in DH and it would Change gear fairly quickly but lately it seems to be a couple of seconds longer changing than before , as if it is in D , “fitters” don’t know because no fault on dash lol

It’s not a 5 minute job to splice in a new bulb holder because Scania charge a minimum of 1 hour (well they do at the depot we use) and it’s something like £80/hour.

It was having a major service plus bits and pieces like pads on front axle etc. So they were already well past 1 hour