Scania headlights

G400 unit. Is there a way I can adjust the bulb or lens to stop them pointing at the floor? Tried the in cab adjuster but its as if they’ve been set too low in the first place. Driving through mid Wales so it’s pitch black and making driving difficult!

Have you looked for the adjustment nuts. Probably ontop or behind the headlight assembly or on the frame rail off the radiator thingy if you know what I mean.

Check that the reflector is attached to the adjusting actuator, they have a nasty habit of pinging off, have you had a lens glass change? This also makes them ping off for some reason.

Also are the bulbs fitted correctly. Many poorly adjusted lights are due to the fact they’ve not been seated in the light housing correctly or installed the wrong way round.

I had a quick look but couldn’t really see much. I do shift work so its not my truck as they say. I was hoping there would be a quick easy fix but it looks like I’ll have to defect it when I finish. Thanks for the replies.

Just be careful as if you set them too high, you’ll dazzle oncoming traffic & you won’t be flavour of the month. Had this happen once & I just had to park up for the night after a stralis self adjusted them.