Scania factory tour

Anybody know of any groups that arrange trips to Sweden to see the factory

Think the sunshine bus do regular trips.

Well, I have an s730 coming in 20 days and no mention of a factory visit.

Guy I know won a Volvo driver of the year competition in 2011,his prize was an all expenses paid trip to Sweden to see the Volvo factory ect…he’s still waiting for his prize to this day,all he got was a Volvo fleece.

At the Scania factory there is a separate area for the V8 boat catchers club, members only .
You are given a map how to get to the ferry, a new pair of dealer boots, a checked shirt and a Tang acceleration pedal which is bolted to the cab floor .
Every driver then gets some ■■■■ me up frilly tassled curtains with Indian restaurant themed pelmets .
And a private number plate NOB INAV8.
Scania darling, so last year , so over rated .

Your local scania dealer will be happy to arrange it. You’ve only got to buy 50 units to qualify :laughing:

I know Volvo do factory tours for the public ( need to book in advance)
The cleverest thing would to write to the Swedish factory ( or the Dutch one in Zwolle if you want to go there)
They can say no, or they give you all the information you need.
For the cost of a stamp you know everything.

Think the sunshine bus do regular trips.

I like that!!

Hi,i’ve just been looking on the Swedish Scania site about the factory.They do tours but these are usually for Groups as it it easier to guide them for the factory and demo center.I Think your best bet would be to talk to your Scania dealer and ask if any Group visits are planned from the UK.If there is a Group from a dealer or transport co you could Contact them and maybe tag along.

I missed out on a tour of the Volvo factory due to the fact I was on holiday in Jamaica at the time. This was back in 1998, and I’ve not been offered one since. Have to start dropping some hints at Volvo, like turning up at the dealership in a Scania demo unit.

I’ve not been round the Scania factory but have been around several others and to be honest Santa’s workshop, they ain’t, a load of blokes tie wrapping electrical and pneumatic lines to a steel chassis mostly.