Scania digitacho info required

i need to read or print off the instructions for this digitacho, i have mastered the siemens vdo found it fine but have been told the scania one is awkward? i would appreciate some feedback, or pointed to the correct link. then i need to get a basic knowledge of fridge operation, all this pretty quick! standby for some silly an sensible answers :unamused: cheers guys n gals…

is it the stonebridge or siemens tacho in a scania?

if it is the stonebridge its about the same as the siemens (there is an idiots guide on here somewhere but i cant find it) for access to the menu’s and functions just a different layout of the buttons. these units are crap by the way, no way near as good as the siemens one, in my opinion!

as for fridges i guess someone will be along shortly as i normally just leave them running as they are set when i leave the yard until i am tipped then turn them off, one thing to remember is when you fuel up in the yard dont forget to fill your fridge tank up as well. just get a good brief on the use of it before you leave, if youre unsure ask you cant go wrong then.

Scanias have Stoneridge units fitted if I remember rightly.

donpablo, TruckNetUK search, along with Google is quite handy you know :wink:

Information you want IS HERE

That’s my spoonfeeding done for the day :unamused:

yup scanias have stoneridge tacho horrible things they are still mess up the manual entry thing on them have no probs with siemens. I do fridge work what is it you would like to know?
woking temps
frozen -25
chilled meat and the likes 0 - +3 weather depending
produce ie veg in stuff up to +10
to main fridge units carrier and thermo king
if you need to know anything else ask a policeman lol
i’ve been told eggs go at +19 not to sure on that 1 tho i always leave em at +10