Scania Auto Box - Help!

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been on an agency assignment, doing home delivery. One of the vehicles I’ve been driving is 2010 Scania 220 Auto. Now, I’ve driven an auto 7.5t, no problems, and in my relatively short class 2 driving experience, an Iveco semi auto, no problems, and a Daf straight 6 speed, but this thing is causing me hassle. I can’t get my head around the auto with clutch, it feels as if there is no ‘feel’ to the clutch pedal.
So, any advice, or pointers, for driving this thing? Best to leave it in auto or switch to manual shifting? And what is the ‘H’ position on the selector (I thought it might be ‘high’, but I tried it and it seemed to make no difference) or am i being thick?

Never driven that but I’ll bet H = HOLD

With a 3 pedal opticruise scania,use the clutch to pull away and try to remember to use it when you come to a stop. Other than that leave it alone-it’s designed to do the job for you.
The H is a gear hold position. It holds onto (climbs to higher revs before changing). This is only for big hills/being heavy.

Cheers chaps, I guess its like anything ‘new’, I need to get used to it.

Never had a problem with it personally, got it right from the get go but as other’s mentioned you just use it to pull away and when coming to a stop.

The clutch having no feel like you mentioned is a bit like all bigger vehicles, i’ve always found that you don’t get the same bite that you do from a car but that’s just something you learn to deal with. :slight_smile:

Getting the right gear to pull away is half the battle. If it insists on pulling away in 1st or 2nd it’ll lumber forwards about 20 feet then dither and decide which gear to use next and you will be almost standing before it’s sorted itself out. Leave it in auto but lift the right paddle and try it in 3rd which should give you a better start (unless you’re heavy)

I leave mine in auto and have worked out how to get the best out of it but sometimes I’ll preempt a change and knock the lever up or down to speed it up. I can’t get get the hang of driving it as a manual though.

If you want to change the pull away gear so it always starts in whatever you have found best you can reprogram the gearbox easily.

I think the sequence is as follows.

Ignition on (engine not running)

Select AH

Clutch down

Set gear

Clutch down


It will now (If I’ve remembered it right) pull away in your chosen gear.

^^^ Cheers ^^^

Yes, it insists on pulling away in 1st, makes entering roundabouts fun :smiley:

I’ll give it a try on changing the starting gear, although I think I’m back in the DAF hire wagon for the next few days.

In that case I’d see how you go with 2nd, presumably it’s an 8 or 9 speed box and with a 220 engine 3rd is probably going to be too high.

Mine has the 12sp box so 3rd is fine unless I’m heavy and on an incline. It’ll go empty in 4th quite happily too, but I’d rather let it have it a bit easier.

If you’re heavy too push the stalk away from you and it will change down and as you get to the crest of the hill pull it back towards you and if you time it right you can usually keep a wee bit more speed going than usual too.