Scania 380 tipper rough idle loss of power

Wondering if anyone could help me out here as Scania haven’t a clue! I own an 02 plate Scania 380 tipper and over the last couple of months it has drastically been low on power and idleing very rough going between 450rpm up to 650rpm up and down all the time. Driving it is not very smooth and feels like there is serious turbo lag and its being held back. Several trips to local Scania and I have had a new air and fuel filter, a new intercooler, top end adjustment done, injectors checked and its been on their laptop 4 times and apparently no faults are showing. Then last Wednesday out of the blue after I filled him up I started it and there was no hunting on idle! Been an absolute dream to drive and goes so much better. Where I was pulling up one particular hill in low box at 13mph it now goes 31mph! Then as I was on my way home again today its has started idleing terrible and has lost all power again… Im stuck with ideas. Anyone had similar problems? Any help would be much appreciated.
Many thanks, Adam.

My dad had a 124 360 done similar. Was one of the injectors

pull the sender unit out of the tank probly full of crap

Is the outside temperature gauge working correctly? If its not then it may be causing the ecu to fuel the engine incorrectly.

Could be something floating around in fuel tank,drain it out and clean it out and clean out pick up pipe,check if a pre- filter is fitted and clean out,you can get cheap camera,s now fitted with a tube and light to look inside the tank first. good luck, jack. :slight_smile: