Scania 2009 hella plug not working

Evening all I have a problem with my 24v hella the one under the 12v socket.

I know one of the solutions could be the fuse I have looked at the fuse box diagram and the only fuse I can find is the one saying 24v but that hasn’t blew as my 24v cigarette lighter is working. Is it a different fuse and does anyone know which one before I pull every single one out and check them.

If not the fuse is there anything else I should be looking at and yes have checked the obvious there is a wire plugged into it

Thanks in advance

insides could be worn out, i had to put a complete new 24v hella socket in mine last year

Oh right could I ask where you got it from and how much?

just got it from a local auto electric place where i get my truck tacho done , think it was about £7, 2 minute job to change, you can get them on ebay as well … 565839c2b6