Scania 143 N264 DAR

Hi, I’m trying to find some history on my scania 143 4x2 reg number N264 DAR. The last registered keeper in the uk was a Terence Bonner of southern cross freight ltd, gravesend. I purchased the truck from Kilkenny, Ireland this year and was on reg plate 96-LH-4752. Any information would be much appreciated

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All I can tell you Mitch is I know whee it lives now…!! Welcome aboard, Ade.

I drove for Southern Cross when he brought DAR and boss man drove that himself and I think we had it for about 3-4 years till a temp driver decided to push a shell tanker up the M1 with it. The cab was twisted off it’s mounts in that little set too, but worry not has we got it all back looking good with the help of a forklift, some chains and just a bit of P38. Other then that it was a good lorry and never let us down once.

N264 must be the only 143 ever imported to Ireland so it could have a rest. :laughing:

I seem to remember it started life as a 420, came from that lot that do Gib out of Waltham Abbey, Continental Express. Then it got Bonnerised to a 450.

It was still the slowest motor on the firm though :laughing:

Nothing was ever done to that motor to turn it up.

Maintenance wise it would have had oil dropped out every 3 months and replaced with cheapo stuff and if it was lucky an air filter once a year, I seem to remember it have pistons and liners done.

It came from Norwich or Kings Lynn originally I think and I can’t remember who had it before us, but it did come with all the tipping gear on it already.

On slow told me it had a 450 pump put on it as the original ■■■■ itself when he first got it. Probably coz he was running it on that stuff out of the yard.

You could still see the continental express on the roof spoiler in certain light, so they had it brand new or it had a spoiler off one of theirs.

Cheers for that lads. She never went to Ireland for a rest, she was working hard. What colour was is when you knew the truck as it’s red and white now but can find traces of blue on the chassis

White cab, not sure about the chassis, it had big alloy diesel tanks on it if I remember right.

Its was white with a blue chassis and two big tanks that would hold about 1400 ltrs.

It could have been a subbie on continental express, but who ever had it before put all the pto gear on it.

Has it ever been on a different number plate? ,
bonners had a 143 N3LCB may be it’s the same motor , if you search bonners on the forum search bar and scroll down to the 8th post and click on it then you will see a pic of it .

No that was a different lorry altogether, that was davey68’s beast. Probably one of the best 143s around, that thing was an animal.

The last thing I heard was he wanted to buy N3LCB back and break it up and ship it to OZ.

There was some pics of N264DAR on Eurobulks website at one time, dont know if they are still on it.