Scania 111/141

Anybody on their travels seen a 111/141/110 laying about worth saving

theres been a post up about some for sale cant remember if it was in this thread :smiley:

routier posted a link on the second page of old time lorries companies hope this helps :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I can’t remember which, but one of the classic commercials mags has a day cab 6x4 140 & a day cab 80/81 in the classified section, there was also an old french 140 sleeper cab in there a few months back,but it aint been in for a while. hope that helps :laughing:

Heres one for you from the Barnard Castle show 2006 i know its only a 110

Anybody on their travels seen a 111/141/110 laying about worth saving

They have to be quite rare beasts these days, because the cabs did rot badly, as you probably know.

that photos a 110 not 111/141

that photos a 110 not 111/141

Yes! He knew that when he posted it! :laughing: :wink:

Anybody on their travels seen a 111/141/110 laying about worth saving

have a look on here, ebay or on some of the dutch restorer sites … s&P_ID=923

Try -

Click on the forum link along the top. Thers some cracking pics on that forum but the language is dutch.

If you’re really that keen then take a few days looking around Sweden,you’d be amazed at the number of them lying around transport yards looking all forlorn and needing a good home.

I have found a mint looking example in France, just not had chance to call in and see if it for sale. It looks like it may be used around the yard very occasionally. It has definately moved since Christmas.

If I do get to see them and manage to get it on Ebay I will post the link :smiley:


Your best bet for a chassis / cab would be in Southern Europe, where the climate would be easier on the rust-happy older scanias. In the area of naples I have steen a lot of old Scanias, still plenty of 142’s, and a few 141’s. There’s still quite some yards with grannies longing for well-deserved attention. The same applies for Portugal, though less than in Italy. Never been to Greece but I hear there’s still lots of old trucks running there too…
On the other hand, down in southern Europe they are not so fussy about keeping their maintenance work tidy, so for mechanics I would rather go to scandinavian countries.

Here’s some pics of trucks I have seen on a trip to Norway:
This one parked up in the area of Stavanger:

The cab is really gone. Must be a wet experience for the passenger on a rainy day.

The engine was very very tidy. No oil leak or anything, very nice. Only the paint job was not so refined.

The chassis was in very good conditon. Not only well re-painted, but it showed no signs of previous corrosion. Only the cab was really poor.[/img]

If you are looking for an engine or other parts, there’s plenty of these lying around still. This was around Bergen, June 2006.

The gearbox had been poached out already. But the engine is still in there, as are the diffs, the instruments, etc.
Note the old 86 in the background.

The engine plaque.

I guess anyone on the prowl could probably buy this scrap for a song and have a fair chance of getting decent stuff.
Having chatted with some locals, keeping a truck on the road in Norway takes a lot of maintenance, they are strict. Details like loose engine mountings or visible oil leaks are hardly tolerated. So even just before the end of their careers, Norwegian trucks must normally have been in “decent” driving conditions, compared to more forgiving countries.

Norway, june 2006, around Lysebotn.

What about these two.
Run a few times per year in the cold season. The cabs were again completely rotten, plastered up, etc. But mechanically they looked acceptable.

Likely to be retired soon, and will be looking for new and loving owners…

Theres plenty of em in Greece, in the graveyards and still working, the ones in the graveyards have got tidy cabs on e mas well.

I bought my 141 from greece 2 years ago and it had only just retired from pulling containers out of athens and thessaloniki. Good truck. Keep your eyes out on internet. Still plenty about in belgium and holland. I’ll pm you.

Thanks for all your advice have a look at this