Saw a 63 plate truck today

I drive past the local Daf dealers everyday on my way to work, and since last Thursday there has been a brand new 85 Daf 8 wheel tipper parked there displaying a 63 plate. It seems a long time to be parked doing nothing nothing until September 1st. Any one any ideas why it has been registered so early??

There’s probably only a limited number of that type of vehicle that can be built with a Euro V engine, and the operator doesn’t want to pay for Euro VI, but doesn’t need the truck (or want to start paying for it) until after August.

These are strange days in the truck trade.

If you don’t want a new truck until next year, it’s actually cheaper to buy Euro V now, register it and then detax it than it is to pay the Euro VI premium.

Our local Land Rover dealer put’s “advance” plates on display vehicles long before the change over date. They are not registered though just made to try and tempt you in.