sat nav

hi guys 1st post on here,can anybody recommend a good value for money sat nav im starting a new job on containers away all week think i might need one!! thanx :wink:

all depends on how much you want to spend,bit one big tip get a map as well and check the route for bridges and use common sense if you see a weight limit etc. just don’t rely on the sat nav 24/7.

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Have you tried using the site search facility at the top of this page :slight_smile: - put SATNAV into the search and I’ll bet it will come up with many posts on this subject :wink:

thanks guys, nice welcome rog :smiley: i`ll give that a checkout,thanks again

The Binatone Carrera X350 (£70) gets a 5 star review in this month’s Computer Shopper or Tom Tom One V3 for £100(ish).


I’ve just got a tomtom one,its spot on,obviously just bear in mind it dont know you’re in a wagon not a car,£ 99 in tesco,double club card points too :sunglasses:
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thanks again guys for your help much appreciated,i done distance work about 10yrs ago long before sat nav,never used 1 before thought i might give it a try,got all my maps etc. so i know solely not to rely on sat nav too much :wink: anyway im away for 2 weeks holiday before i start my new job,thanks again for the kind advice ill let yous know if i got 1 & how im getting on :wink:

If ya want a cheapy these are pretty good … dZViewItem

Plenty of FREE POI’s and there is a speed camera database for a couple of quid :slight_smile: