Sat Nav - the law

If I’m in full control of my vehicle, is it legal to “fiddle” with the sat nav while driving?

Also, if the sat nav is being used for receiving phone calls via bluetooth, is it legal to have to press a button on the sat nav in order to answer the call?

From what I can find ‘on Tinternet’ it is only illegal to hold a mobile phone while driving, provided of course you are in full control of the vehicle.

What say you?

If mr plod was to use the full extent of the law, he could prosecute you for driving without due care and attention, same as eating an apple i suppose, we all have to drive at some point with only one hand…
change gear
cruise control
cassette/cd…etc…etc…use your eyes, check your mirrors, make sure no one can see you doing dastardly deeds.

as i understand it fiddling with your sat nav while driving is the same as tuning the radio or changing a cd you could get done for due care but only if plod catches you.

The Old Bill has always had the power to nick you if in you are driving in an erratic manor for whatever reason… :sunglasses:

Just choose your moment carefully when going to fiddle with something (take that anyway you want to :wink: ) and ask yourself - "is it SAFE :question: "

no-one says you CANNOT operate certain necessary things - just to be in FULL control when you do :slight_smile:

The way things are going now they will stop you operating the window switch, lights switch, gear lever, etc, etc, etc, etc,… :imp: :imp: :imp: