sat nav issues

if your satnav becomes unreliable due to the message unable to calculate route, too many times and after rebooting the system would you contact the supplier and express your disappointment. not sure what they can do but it its got off my chest. throw the thing in the back and get the maps out again. im thinking of replacing it now with a tomtom truck device. currant satnav is a pronav.

i am thinking about a pronav. How old is yours?? and whats it like other than these issues. I would contact the manufacturer first.

I have been using a pronav for a few years now…Only ever used it as a guide in association with a map.
Useless it is on it`s own…Now mine has gone to the satnav heaven…If it will ever find it :wink:
Replaced with a cheap Chinese 7" jobbie, I ran the two together…The cheapo chines jobbie is far superior :sunglasses: And included a rear view camera for my motorhome…All for 59 squids. Bluetooth, FM transmitter, so I can play my tunes over the cab radio that I have on my android…Piccie storage, movie storage,4GB memory, all of Europe on the nav.
Pronav are awful compared to this.

My pronav is now two years old and the “cannot calculate route” usually comes up on off road areas ie, docks, new industrial areas etc.There are also areas that dont configure and are not reconised. Ask other drivers with different models who have had the same problem. Putting in the road with a number normally solves the problem, I enquired about updates, but pronav want about 40 quid so I think i’ll carry on and then put it in the car for odd use. Won’t buy another one, snoopy jobby for me next time.

my pronav is about 6 months old latest mapping version pnn350, in its defence there have been many occasions when its been spot on but its just annoying when these issues crop up, before I send it to the back of the shed can I ask do some of the other more popular makes suffer with similar issues :cry:

Don’t have 1…Problem solved :wink: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I bought the TomTom 5150 which was great until a few days ago when all sound went on it, pretty ■■■■■ really when you spend around £300 on it. Only bought it in July :imp:

Why spend money on a sat nav there are loads of free ones on android just use the extra cash for a good phone

I bought the TomTom 5150 which was great until a few days ago when all sound went on it, pretty [zb] really when you spend around £300 on it. Only bought it in July :imp:

To be fair though, TomTom support are generally pretty good (once you’ve got past the auto-responders that simply advise you to reset/restore the device - although simply doing that does fix an awful lot of problems anyway). When you actually deal with a proper human being they generally come up with the goods IME. Not that any of this helps if you find yourself at the start of a shift with a Satnav that simply says “No Maps Found” when you switch it on (BTDTGTTS)

Ive got an old pronav 300 and get the same thing but easily solved with entering in a the road name or a road nearby… Also have a pnn350 but its painfully slow to load the overview map and the display is unclear… Wouldnt bother with pronav again sadly.

look mate at the end of the day the best policy is this
forget e bay sat navs , forget nav man , pro nav and all the other garmin crap immitations
just get tom tom truck version sat nav 5150
you wont go wrong , cant beat it exetara exetara exetara exetara
and i am not bulling here
and just in case on the extremely rare occasion of tom tom failure
(it will never happen)
a map may help but your nose and instinct will serve you better