Sat Nav and Tech Dependency

Related to a fatal plane crash in the US, but not the accident flight itself. The video speaks for itself.

Interesting. I’m not a pilot so I don’t feel qualified to be critical of her actions, but the impression I’m left with from this video is that she simply wasn’t ready for solo piloting despite being deemed safe.

That is very much what I think too.
There are lots of videos about the fatal crash of a later flight she made. Probably show up next to that one.

This one goes into more detail about that flight and seems to show…well…

The poster Blancorilio is a retired airline pilot and isn`t too gobby and hyper. He does know his stuff and is referenced by Petter at Mentour Pilot, who does some very, very, well produced and very informative videos about commercial flying.

If you haven`t seen Mentour Pilot I do recommend it. Petter is a current airline Captain and crew trainer. His vids are about flying but many of the issues he highlights show attitudes and errors that can apply to us with our feet on the ground.

PS Im not a pilot either. I have been around a few of them and been in non-commercial aircraft many times. I cant sail a boat either, bit if I see one zig-zagging and going around in circles…

Edit to add two flights LA to Heathrow and Heathrow to NY a few years later.My conclusions were a 747 understandably flies like a brick and should have paid for a return ticket on QE2 instead of one way.both trips.

It seems a moot point.None of it makes sense.
Bearing in mind a system that by necessity goes by pre filed flight plans, including compass headings and way points, confirmed by ground radar observations from the plane’s transponder when in flight ?.
Also think that any private pilots licence should require instrument flying ability rating to be fit for purpose.
But basically if we were meant to fly we’d have wings I’d have to be dragged kicking and screaming onto any plane after my first and only flight from LA to Heathrow let alone flying for fun.
That’s even without the possibility that the loss of Flight 19 and the plane sent to search for it and MH370 weren’t the result of natural events or pilot error.
The radio transcript of flight 19 is truly scary as in entered a paranormal event.

The ticket on the QE2 would have been expensive, but then again it would include board and lodging, so it is difficult to compare.
Scheduling is very different between the different modes of transport of course. How many sailings LA to London a day?

Visual Flying Rules, don`t require a transponder.
Instrument Flying Rules ratings are considerably more complex than VFR ratings.

But then again if you, of all people, think that pilots and drivers etc should look at screens instead of look out the window on a bright and clear day…oh well…

If you know that MH 370 was not a natural event, nor pilot error, then I expect the relevant investigators from Malaysia, China, the United Kingdom, the United States, and France, would be grateful for your information.

Firstly the value for money of going by Cunard Transatlantic was and probably still is second to none.
Admittedly the open BA ticket scheduled flight to/from any US airport included in the £1,800 fare was too good to refuse.
As I said VFR rules seem to be the problem in putting third rate pilots in the air.
As for flight MH 370 the fact is no one really knows what happened to it.
But I’d be willing to bet that the Flight 19 story at least is more likely to have a paranormal explanation than not.

Valentich case.

I really shouldn`t…but…

ALL pilots first qualify under VFR. Alike drivers some pass their test who maybe shouldn`t.

Agreed no one knows what happened to MH 370. It was tracked going off course, but then lost. Some flotsom has been recovered.

Flight 19 pilots made some radio calls suggesting they were lost. Some of them made suggestions They all followed their leader and 99% certain ran out of fuel above the ocean. A search aircraft crashed.

Yep qualified to VFR rating.Which doesn’t exempt the pilot from submitting a flight plan including headings and way points and then sticking to it in the air.Which is why the areas around our major airports and military airfields aren’t strewn with the wreckage of collisions between light aircraft flown by VFR only qualified pilots and civil and military aircraft.
MH70 who knows but Flight 19 was a bit more than just got lost and ran out of fuel.
IE every aircraft lost its navigation instruments ( compass ) and the search aircraft actually disappeared without trace and with no Mayday call and reports of its position.
There are loads of other reports of paranormal incidents in the air sometimes resulting in loss of aircraft made by credible sources throughout history.
As for UFO involvement I think space time anomalies here at home are a more likely explanation for it all than aliens from Alpha Centauri and beyond.
I’d prefer to take my chances at sea and a decent sized ship.

Nope. Flight plans are only necessary under certain conditions.
Notably around controlled airports, but outside of controlled airspace one can pretty much just bimble around. And not all airfields are controlled.

Collisions are easily avoided by looking out of the window and being aware of one`s position. no need for tech to do that.

Nope. There were radio transmissions heard of the pilots under training saying they believed they were on the wrong course, but apparently they followed military discipline and followed the leader on his wrong course. And flew out of radio range.

The Catalina search aircraft was lost from radar at the same time as a civilian ship saw an explosion. The ship found an oil slick.

UFOs definitely exist.
“Unknown F Os” does not mean " Definitely Alien Space Ships" though!

Space time anomalies? Yes. there was a documentary about that recently. A well respected Doctor was,umm…Dr…?

Firstly it seems clear that if a pilot is incapable of maintaining an accurate navigation heading as shown in the video their ppl ‘should’ be withdrawn which in this case would have saved her life.
As for flight 19 the transcript actually went along the lines of firstly the leader stating loss of compass function.He actually asked the others if they could confirm a compass heading and bearing in mind the planes had two compasses.
None of them could.Everything else from that point was moot.Arguably with the exception of a stated totally unrecognisable land observation.
As for the missing search aircraft its status was and remains missing without trace there was/is no confirmation of it’s position when lost or it’s wreckage ever found.

A qualified VFR pilot, who should be capable of flying and navigating by hand and eye, should be safe.


Yep routine call then never heard from again and lost from radar.
If the ‘explosion’ and ‘pool of oil’ were as clear cut as you’re suggesting then surely we also would have expected some wreckage to have been found bearing in mind the position would have been known.
As opposed to the navy having to admit the possibility of paranormal forces at work which can easily take out a large military force.
The Bermuda Triangle ain’t exactly unknown for other such goings on.
Like the Bass Triangle and Alaska Triangle and no I don’t think it’s aliens from Space.But did like the scene in the Star Trek movie involving the Starship v the Whale hunters which might be a clue.

I am suggesting nothing. The report cited does seem very credible to me.
Loss of radar and radio contact, visual explosion, oil and fuel burning in the sea. The report as shown did not mention flotsom, but that does not mean there was none there. I would expect there to be a longer report somewhere, but 1945? There won`t be that much on line will there?

Let’s just say that between 1945 to date there’s been plenty of time to find and retrieve at least the engines of the ‘crashed’ flight 19 search plane obviously with such a supposedly known precise position of where ‘it’ reportedly was when it was seen to have ‘exploded’.
But instantaneous explosive destruction of the plane, conveniently, circumstantially witnessed on the ground, was probably a better narrative for the Navy than lost without trace to unknown causes just like all the others that it was sent out to search for.

At the risk of stifling CF’s spread of his unparalled, in-depth knowledge of every subject known to mankind, can I just say that I for one simply cannot watch some twonk of an America on his ego trip, banging on about something while gesticulating wildly, and doing what all Yanks seem to do: OVER stressing EVERY almost EVERY second WORD in AN EFFORT to make NOTHING seem like SOMETHING.

I take it Blondie died because she was a newbie pilot? Given how thick Americans generally are, I don’t find this particularly surprising

Almost 400 hours apparently.

There are millions of thicko Yanks. And millions of clever ones.
Same as Brits innit?

The first vid shows her own footage of her flying in circles and lost, whilst in sight of the airfield she departed from, and struggling with her nav aids. It was a VFR flight, just look out the window and at the paper map and hand fly it.
As the title of the tread says don`t rely on tech to do the basics.

We as drivers can look at satnav, but must also look out the windscreen at low bridge signs. Look at road signs to ensure we are actually going north not south, and not rely on automatic brakes to avoid collisions.

LOL I don’t even like automatic gearboxes

400 hours of flight time? Surely enough experience to radio “Beechcraft numpty to control tower, request landing, over…”

There are millions of thicko Yanks. And millions of clever ones.
Same as Brits innit?

I’m going to have to strongly disagree: Most Brits are smart enough to (a) realise that teaching evolutionary theory is not equivalent to Devil worshipping, and (b) have some basic geographical sense of the world we inhabit