Salvesen Interview

I got there about 22:45 for my interview at 23:00 hours.
I had to wait until almost 23:00 hours before he would
see me. The first question was what do you want and
I said either class 1 or class 2 but preferably class 1
and that the guy who phoned me said it was for class
1 on nights.

He said it would be 02:00 hour start time and It would
be as a relief driver which meant I would be driving
rigids,artics and would not have my own run. He then
brought up I had my forklift licences and I got the feeling
that they would want me to use it at times.

He then got back to the job and said you do the first run
which gets the pre 08:30 deliverys done then do the pre
12:30 deliverys. The job pays £457 for 48 hours working
nights. If I take the job I would be with another driver for a
week, do a day fuel economy course, a day risk assessment
course on lifting,loading ect and then spend 1 more day with
a driver before I would be on my own. If I took the job it would
cost me £50 just in fuel a week.

I have to decide if I want this job as I do have doubts about
the job but they are willing to give me a chance. I have
thought about turning this job down and keep looking and
maybe sign up with another agency aswell for when the
agency I am with is quiet.

The job might turn out to be something that doesn’t suit you Convoy, but there’s only one way to find out. If you don’t like it you can always quit and go back to the agency, no? And if your current agency is quiet at the moment it’s only going to get worse after New Year. At least with Salvesen’s you’d have a guaranteed weekly income, and not too bad of a one at that.

If I was you I’d take it.


as deaks says you got nothing to loose, agency work is slack round here now never mind the new year.give it a go mate.


I did a short while (agency) years ago with Corby Chilled and copped for the 0200am start shift! :cry:

It was the most difficult start time/shift I ever did. If it suits you Convoy, then the rest of it don’t sound too bad - give it a try.

considering how slow the agencey has been in the run up to crimbo the jan / feb period will be absolutely pants
take the job mate doesnt matter if it dont suit ,its experiance

I have decided to give this job a go for the
experience, guaranteed weekly income
and the training like the fuel economy course
as it hopefully will look good on a future cv.
I will let you know how things go

Good decision, convoy…After all it’s experience and whilst the job may not 100% suit you, you still need experience in order to be in a position to be fussy. :wink:

as marcustdy 2am start …tried that no life

as marcustdy 2am start …tried that no life

I did 1.30 am starts for 12 months and got on fine it’s horses for courses. You have made the right decision convoy and it will all add up too experience. :wink:

I’ve done nights before,starting at 5.30 pm and finishing at 6-7 am and i didnt really like it,having said that if i was offered funny hours again i would take it if the money was right…good luck mate and hope it suits you… :wink: :wink: :smiley: :smiley: