£8000 of a difference between the two shifts!! Do yourself a favour - get on to the nightshift if you’re not already on it!!!

This has to be a wind up! What kind of company does pay negotiations with drivers that way - and vice-versa!

Who is it you drive for? (are you geniunely a driver…or do you hold another position? :confused: :wink: ) What kind of work is it your company does?

its 80% supermarket , 20% cash&carry’s RDCS etc, nightshift just does a shunt down to manchester and back - only got 2 defo name’s because of family tate&lyle and original tesco drivers.

and yeah i am a driver ive got an axor back to prove it :laughing:

night shift is 31,000 a year based on a 48hr contract.

And some were slagging off tanker driver’s off earning £800 a year more■■? lol

I’d tell you to grab that with both hand’s excellent wage…Good luck

double post

You deserve more than 30+ k a year if you have to drive hacksaws!!

I think a lot of companies would be reluctant to tell other companies what they pay their drivers, and our company would probably be one of them. If your company was to get in touch with companies who employ Poles, you will probably find that your wages will actually drop by £5000 a year, or they will employ them anyway.
Our company pay £31.000 a year, we only work days, no nights, low mileage, and an average of 10 hours a day, some a bit more…some a bit less…and we run 100% legal, and get a bollocking if we even breathe a centimetre out of line.

now i hope this guy is getting a bleeding good salary

And this is what happens when one let’s go :open_mouth:

Perhaps the best idea would be to trawl through job ads like Job Centre Plus etc, you find plenty of low paid jobs on there.