Sainsburys/Wincanton Charlton RDC


Any one here is working for Sainsburys Thameside depot Charlton? I would like to find out how your day as driver is looking like? How many hours do you do? How many deliveries, etc?

I went there yesterday for interview as C+E driver. (btw they are desperate for drivers! Pay is 13p/h) Done written test on tacho hours and driving assesment including reverse on a bay.

Thanks for help

Keep your nose clean, dot the I’s and cross the T’s, do it their way not your way, new kit, never leave with defects, not running bent… You’ll have no issue - unless you don’t like weekend work.

Didn’t work for me because I’m not keen on weekends & I like to run bent when it suits me :smiley:
Don’t like being micro managed either, watch out for that…!

Micro managed??

Micro managed??

Micromanage-to manage or control with excessive attention to minor details.
Most companies nowadays do this…!