Safeway Supermarket Truck Pictures

Anybody have any pictures from safeway supermarket trucks, mainly warrington depot during 80’s and 90’s?

I’ve got a few Safeway photos dating back to the early 70s when I was at the Mather lane depot in Leigh, but I’m buggered if I know how to get them up on here. I could e-mail them to you if I had your contact details. I left before they relocated to Grange. I could provide a little bit of history, if you’re interested, regarding drivers etc. Brian Taylor was transport manager at Leigh when I was there and assumed the same position at Grange. Kevin Howarth, you may recall was given a position in the traffic office following a heart bypass op, and my mate Brian Walsh, RIP, did about 35 years there. PM me if you’re interested. Cheers, Eddie.

posting pictures from your computer

way down here / is 2 tabs , options and upload attachment

click on attachment
where it says Browse click and search for the picture then submit
best to do a preview first just to make sure its the right one though :wink:

This would qualify inasmuch as its a Safeway wagon, although it’s from the 70’s and it was based at Mather lane in Leigh.

Photograph taken between Tarleton and Banks.

Cheers. Eddie.

Same wagon, same driver, possibly the same day, but different location. Safeway Cleveleys.