Rugby Truckstop

Stopped here for the 1st time in ages and even though I find it a deacent truckstop there is one problem why when the changed the layout of the parking didn’t they set aside an area for the Stobart drivers who are parking up unit only? The amount of units filling bays where a truck and trailer could have parked were a joke and I guess it’s like this most nights??
Why can’t the Stobart lads park In the Stobart operating base at the bottom of the lorry park? There seems to be less spaces now for trucks since they changed the layout, I don’t know why they had to change it as it seemed to work fine as it was.

Complain to snotbart about it and tell us what they say :slight_smile:

What was once a decent truckstop now ruined… it is now just a works yard … I will no longer stop there. :neutral_face:

It’s not that bad.Where else in that area then? Apart from Cov airport that’s miles from there.